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Its been a long long time since I've added my things on here. I'm mostly been on Instructables and 'Cut Out and Keep' because I'm the kinda person that wants to try my hands at diy type stuff lately.

My life has definitely changed. Tink, my gorgeous MinPin, was hit by a car. My Dad was watching her. I got to say goodbye to my Grandmama but my Nana passed away suddenly and I never got to say goodbye.  I will ALWAYS regret that!!! It was almost like that with my Tink, and I wont go into further details as to why. I dont blame my Dad at all, accidents happen. Honestly its still hard. I raised her since she was a pup, just a little bigger than my hand. At this time I still had my cat Ming.

My Dad is FINALLY back from Iraq and his 3-4 month vacation in Thailand, but things are complicated (saying that extremely lightly). It seems I'll have a little (half-brother or sister) very soon. I'm not sure at this point if I will ever get to meet him or her. I pray everything goes alright but things are falling fast in the things that are going to affect me.

My personal life is slowly climbing back up but I see thunderstorms with the potential to turn into a hurricane heading my way. Not literally of course, but if things turn downward, it has the potential to be the lowest of the low in my life as well as that of my family. I am resolved however to try to be positive. I see these things coming and I know they will hit but as to when and the severity is something I dont know.

After Tink passed away, certain things happened that left we with my newest dog. Greta is a 11-12 year old black, brown and in these past few years gray MinPin. I knew her when she was a young pup as well, but not as young as my Tink. I got Tink and Greta from my Aunt. I've now had Greta a few years now and its taken some time to get used to her. I do love her, but its not the same. With Tink I put everything into it. With Greta I feel a reserve that I didnt have before. I do have an affection for her though. Lol she sleeps alot, responds well to training, loves the heated blanket and has a love of roasted peanuts and peanut butter, ah and popcorn. She will eat almost anything she sees me eat first with the only exception being plain white rice. ah and she will steal my chap-stick if left unattended and eat it. Lol if i put on any kind of lotion, she will lick me, my clothes, and anything it touches!  

The day before my Mom's birthday I came home from picking up the same aunt, who had given me Tink and (by accident) Greta, from the airport when my Ming got out of the house. He never returned. I dont know what happened to him. Out where I lived at that time, it was a small town(lots of farming land) and we were a block away from wooded areas. I know we have deer, hogs, cows, and something similar to them coyotes (I cant remember the name for them right now). But there is a great number of things that could have happened to him. So all I have left now it Greta. Ming was a very affectionate cat that Meowed when he saw me leave. He loved to play with the lazer pointer in a game of tag. lol him doing the tagging of course. But he was very attached to Tink as well, he would wait for her by the door and constantly look around for her. >chuckle< when Tink chose to snuggle under something, Ming would actually lay on top of it. lol I know he did it on purpose. I think it was almost a come play with me type thing. He would wait for her ears to pop out or her whole head and he'd bat at them.  If Tink curled up on something soft (nothing covering her) he would curl up next to her. Sometimes he'd sleep and other times he'd push her off and then he'd chase her around. They did play tag often. I was always a playful thing. so funny to watch as well.

On a different topic of schooling and jobs. I've stopped going to school for Graphics. I now have a job I'm to start soon. Its on shaky ground right now though. Things keep being pushed back. I'm going to be a Care Provider to help my disabled cousin. I'm not sure how I feel other than joy right now. My Dad is back and now my cousin and aunt (both are from my dad's side) have moved to be in the same state as me and are 4 mins away from where I live. I cant believe the horrors they suffered in California and from the different California government departments and to move to be closer to me is an honor.

Its getting late and I have to check on my zuccini bread. I hope its cooled down alot so I can put it away.


United States
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Favourite cartoon character: Naruto and Sesshoumaru
Personal Quote: cancer sticks taste like bad broccoli

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When I got Tink from my Aunt B, she could fit in two hands. Min Pins are hard to train though. lol or at least Tinkerbell was. Shes so stubborn! But once she has it down, I feel it was worth taking the time to repeatedly train her.
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